Problems and solutions
Travelers lose up to 30% of a budget for currency exchange and hidden commissions in the marketplaces.
It’s easy to get lost in numerous loyalty programs from different hotels and marketplaces, so most users forget about their points, miles, etc. and don’t get all possible benefits provided by these programs
One crypto coin accepted globally: reduced commissions and no double currency conversion fees
Travelers receive crypto-cashback when buying any activities using crypto coin; one loyalty coin for all providers: tour operators and local businesses. No need to remember and use various points on different accounts anymore.
Travel market
A frequent fraud with credit cards and chargebacks brings a lot of troubles to current marketplaces.
For emerging markets, it is too complicated to integrate into the current worldwide traveling industry because of problems with financial systems in these regions.
There are only expensive promotions of services and activities available for tour operators.
Cryptocurrency allows to make transactions transparent, reduce the traveling fraud and minimize chargeback risks.
Cryptocurrency will give an opportunity to avoid regional financial systems’ limitations and will help local providers to integrate directly into global travel ecosystem.
Much cheaper user acquisition cost: use Columbery to attract visitors and pay only for real customers. After visit confirmation, visitor and brand are getting a cashback in Columb coins.
Local business
An unfair competition with global companies creates unattractive conditions for developing own business for local providers.
Hard ways of promotion for travel businesses that are located out of beaten passes and “must see” places but have a significant authentic and cultural value.
Give small providers an edge in competition by listing them in the same row with the global traveling brands.
Visitors stream from Columbery platform making no additional marketing efforts/budgets to promote their businesses.
Cryptocurrency ecosystem
Currently, cryptocurrencies are growing fast, but adoption of CC is too slow in the real sector of the economy. Most of the travelers have never heard of a crypto-currencies and have no idea of how to use them.
Current marketplaces are unable to risk and switch to cryptocurrencies on their platforms due to the sustained classical business models.
Cryptocurrency cashback for any purchased activity boosts traveler’s interest in the crypto ecosystem and eventually leads to faster cryptocurrency adoption and crypto community growth.
Although Columbery integrates fiat payments to reach a wide range of travelers and providers, it also offers a blockchain solution which is independent of regional financial systems.
How it works
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Use cases
Market and competition
Current marketplaces offer only guided city tours and time spent with locals. They charge a traveler with the extra commissions and are unable to switch to cryptocurrencies.
Loyalty crypto coin gives an opportunity to unite together existing and uncovered local businesses—considering rural areas potential—under one roof.
$183B *
The whole travel activities market globally by 2020
Sharing economy annual growth

Millennials will be traveling worldwide by 2020
Token description
Why blockchain and ICO?
A huge social impact. The blockchain is a key to building trust and discover 75% of the hidden disappearing cultural gems worldwide.
Popularizing cryptocurrency on Travel Market and enable a traveler to use only one currency globally.
An enormous potential for the project at the intersection of real economy and cryptocurrencies.
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