Traveling activities marketplace with a loyalty cryptocoin
Cutting a currency exchange issue between the travelers and emerging economies markets and uncovering 75% rural markets potentials
They are limited mostly to guided tour activities curated by locals.

Existing marketplaces all have a great bulk of commissions and rely on middlemen, compounding hidden fees to the customer and making experiences not quite accessible to every traveler.
Most tour agencies and marketplaces offer standard guided activities
Abandoned and undiscovered countryside potential
Open border policies bolstered local economies, but buried authentic experiences under tourist traps and global brands
Travelers lose up to 13% on double currency convertion which is equal to 110-200$/year
«Where the tourist goes, the manpower flows». Many people abandon things they love to move to the cities and survive
Cultural heritage and unique local skills are slowly disappearing as young people move to the cities to take up new trades.
Finding unique local experiences is time intensive
Deeper experiences with unique activities and authentic cultural value
Marketplace built on trust and
transparency with blockchain technology
Personalized value proposition based on each target customer's needs
Local cultural guides and treasures are discovered through crowdsourced stories from avid travelers
By sharing their stories on our blog, travelers enter a competition for CLMB coins
Readers vote by sharing stories on social media and earn CLMB coins for traffic
Activities and guides discovered through the blog become providers of authentic travel experiences
Activities and guides discovered through the blog become providers of authentic travel experiences.
Together we can reach culture keepers who are not easy to find and create a solid database for deep travel experiences
Columbery is issuing a token on the Ethereum blockchain to:
promote cryptocurrency on the travel market
facilitate peer-to-peer transactions within the ecosystem
Columb (CLMB)
Token Name
Total supply
Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
Incentivizing platform use
Development of team and advisors
The essence of the token:
A tool
A key
A ticket
for payments on the platform
to save 10% on platform transactions
to a club of premium activities and an investor referral system
Token holders don't lose a penny on the currency exchange
We're launching at the intersection of the real economy and the cryptocurrency sector
We're simultaneously growing the company with a classic business model and one operated on tokens, allowing customers to engage on their own financial terms
15-20% commission
from each payment
CLMB promotion
by crypto-community will provide a profit
$90 M
active users in the next 5 years
profit 2022
average platform comission
User acquisition cost

Traffic per month


Profit per activity
Profit per activity


Traffic per month

User acquisition cost
Monthly profit
Annual profit
Short term value
Unrestricted token value increase due to the marketplace economy growth

A ticket to a club of premium activities and an investor referral system

CLMB token has a real-life utility value
Long term value
Regional prosperity
Investment in Columbery is an inve-
stment in the prosperity of your region and community

The platform creates demand for local activity providers boosting your local tourist economy

As the local sharing economy grows, money is returned to you as an investor
Enormous potential for the project at the intersection of the real economy and cryptocurrencies
Popularize cryptocurrency on the travel market and be the first travel platform accepting cryptocoins
Huge social impact. The key to discover and preserve 75% of the hidden and disappearing cultural gems worldwide
Igor Arkhypenko
Built 3 businesses, one on the global market. Manages Kyiv IT Cluster.
Every time he travels with family he meets local people who are passionate about their culture. Igor strongly believes that sharing passions could be beneficial for both locals and travelers
Anfisa Bogomolova
Sergii Nikolaiev
Michael Guchakov
As a web developer and CTO he has built and managed various successful software projects.
Launched 3 digital products. Taught UX Design in Georgia and China, managed her own freelance design studio.
Internship at IBM Research. Built se-veral startups. Applies machine learni-ng and deep-learning techniques.
Michael wants to apply his passion for technology to create something life-changing. Being a traveler and crypto-currency fan, he strives to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency worldwide
A true traveler and nomad spirit. Anfisa has lived in 7 countries and traveled in over 40. As a traveler she is fed up with the same beaten paths everywhere and she strives to change that
Sergii loves traveling and groking peoples' life style in other countries. He believes in the power of sharing economies fueled by cryptocurrencies that will create a new bright future for all of us.
Casey Fenton
Founder of CouchSurfing
Shadi Al'lababidi Paterson
Valentyn Glubokyy
David Passiak
Chief of Growth at The 8760
Pre & Post ICO Marketing
Director at FEODAL
Consulting Group, Candidate of Sciences in Economics, PhD,
Innovator, futurist, and author of 3 books. Senior Director at M80, Head of Innovation for Dubizzle, Ph.D. at Princeton
Vlad Andriushchenko
CEO at Alter legaltech firm.
Legal advisor at Kyiv IT Cluster.
Crypto enthusiast
Our team unites true travelers. Together we've figured out that the most memorable experiences we have are when we meet incredibly warm-hearted local people.

There are people who don't live in populated districts with a vibrant nightlife. They don't know where to drink the best coffee in the city and where to find the cheapest hostels.
But on a daily basis, they are polishing crafts that represent their ancestors and love for their countries.

For us, local culture means supporting that passion and helping them to tell their story.

Columbery stands for the traditions and passions that local people are happy to share with others.
It doesn't mean making guided city tours and organized boat trips, those are easily found elsewhere. Instead, our mission is to connect travelers to inaccessible local gems and people. We want to let travelers meet real people and understand cultures and places in deeper ways.

Columbery stands for the traditions and passions that local people are happy to share with others.
We truly believe that such genuine experiences are unforgettable and stay with travelers long after their trip has ended.
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Be the first who knows our news!
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